Mat Pilates 

Mat Pilates Paddington

The Mat Pilates class is a floor pilates class that will challenge your body and mind. The class is designed as  generalised strengthening and toning exercise class with a strong focus on targeting common areas of weakness such as the core and glutes. 

This class is good for beginners and experienced Pilates go-ers alike, as each movement can be scaled to suit your individual needs. 

Joining Pilates Classes

Before starting Pilates Classes your Pilates Instructor will conduct a full body assessment. During this assessment your Pilates Instructor will gather information about your medical history including any recent or past injuries, your current level of exercise and your goals. 

Your Pilates Instructor will then take you through the basic movements on the reformer and trapeze table in a one-on-one session.  Once you are comfortable with these basic movements and safe using the equipment you are welcome to join any of our Equipment Pilates, Mat Pilates Classes and Slow Stretch Classes. 

Pilates Paddington Class

Pilates - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do Pilates at FORDESPHYSIO even if I have never done Pilates before?

Absolutely! We welcome people of all levels and experiences into our Pilates classes. Before anyone joins a class they will have a private session with one of our instructors so as a beginner we’ll be able to teach you everything you need to know before joining a group class. We keep our group classes small to ensure individual attention can be paid to each person with specialised instruction and cues used to assist with understanding the exercises and developing proper technique.

Do I need an assessment or Initial Consultation prior to attending a class?

Yes, all clients need an initial assessment with one of our Pilates instructors before starting in our group classes. This is to ensure your instructor can individually tailor the class to your personal level and abilities even in a group setting. It also allows our instructors the opportunity to show you how to use the equipment and ensure you are safe in the group environment.

Will Pilates help rehabilitate my injury?

Clinical Pilates has traditionally been used by physiotherapists as a treatment option to reduce pain; in particular neck and back pain through strengthening muscles, improving posture and developing more optimal movement patterns. However the benefits of Pilates can be used for a wide range of conditions including rehabilitation from injury or surgery of almost any part of the body. Depending on your injury you may be more suited to our Clinical Pilates classes which are run by a Physiotherapist.

Will Pilates be too hard for me? I am not flexible or strong!

Pilates is a great exercise for beginners or people getting back into exercise. It is a common misconception that you have to be flexible and strong to participate in Pilates however there are infinite variations of most exercises which allows your instructor to modify any exercise to a level that is suited to your specific ability. During your initial assessment your instructor will be able to identify any areas of muscle weakness or inflexibility and we can control your program to ensure both safety while these problem areas are addressed and at the same time program exercises that will help you to become stronger and more flexible in these areas.

How often should I be doing Pilates?

The answer to this question will vary depending on you as an individual. We take into account what your goals are, what other exercise you are currently doing and if you are currently injured or in pain. As a general rule the more you do the faster you will see results and reach your goasl. Doing Pilates more frequently, especially in the early stages also gives your body (and mind) a chance to figure out what to do without too long between classes to forget. In saying that one class a week is still sufficient to get great results as long as you are participating in other exercise or practising Pilates at home between sessions. The most important aspect of Pilates (like most exercise) is quality and consistency.

What should I bring to my classes?

We provide mats, towels and all other equipment complimentary to all members. Please wear comfortable exercise clothing (a t-shirt/singlet and shorts/leggings is perfect) and socks. For the hygiene and safety of everyone we require you to wear socks while using the Pilates equipment, a pair of grippy socks are best!  A towel and water bottle are recommenced but not necessary.