Our Pilates instructor Jehane will take you through some of her favourite Mat Pilates exercises. You can follow along with exactly what she does for a more challenging workout or you can stay with the easier versions of each exercise as we progress for a more beginner friendly workout. The exercises, such as cat stretch, bug legs, bridges and the table top series will make you feel the burn.

When doing Pilates it is important to keep your movements slow and smooth, while at the same time keeping your breathing regular. Make sure you’re not holding your breath - we don’t want you turning blue!

You don't need a thing for this workout, though an exercise mat might make it more comfortable. When you’re ready just press play below to get started.

It is our highest priority that you are safe when following our Mat Pilates routine. If you feel any discomfort it is important that you stop what you’re doing and give yourself a break. Only move through the progressions if you are comfortable and able, and If you are unsure, stick to the exercises you can perform with confidence.

The best way to learn how to do Pilates is under the guidance of a qualified Pilates Instructor or Physiotherapist. If you’d like to book in for a session with one of our staff give us a call on 0411 690 484 or you can book online here.