Home Sweet Home

We have finally moved into our new home and we couldn't be more excited! 

Our new address is 116 Latrobe Tce Paddington


Please bear with us as we settle into our new home - we are creating a space we hope you will enjoy. However we are open for both Physiotherapy and Pilates. 

You can contact us the same way you always did on 0411690484, at www.fordephsyio.com.au or by just popping in and say 'Hi'. 

See you soon! 


Hamsting Stretch

Your hamstrings is the collective name for a group of muscles at the back of your thigh. The three muscles that make up the hamstrings start at your pelvis and insert around the knee. The hamstrings are an important group of muscles that help us sit, stand, run, jump - they are involved in pretty much every activity that we do with our legs! 

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I've sprained my ankle... AGAIN!

Injuries are not much fun and when you suffer the same injury again and again it can be even more frustrating. The good news though is that some recurrent injuries; like ankle sprains, are more preventable that you might realise. All it takes is the right rehab and you can say goodbye to those ankle braces for good! 

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