Thank you for attending our Medications in Womens Health Lecture. We hope you enjoyed it and found it not only interesting but beneficial.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the following survey. Your answers are designed to help us present the information that is going to be the most useful to physiotherapists, like yourself, in offering their patients the best support and advice when it comes to managing medications.

Please note that the following survey is optional and all answers are de-identified and confidential. If you’d like to discuss the survey, or just wish to have a more general discussion about medication and the way in which we as physiotherapists are involved as part of the healthcare team in medication management of our patients, please send an email to Alex at

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The Pain Clinic is a specialised clinic in Paddington for people who suffer from chronic pain. The therapists at the Pain Clinic offer a unique approach to help their patients manage their chronic pain and improve their quality of life.

Our clinic Director, Alex, is the only dually registered Physiotherapist and Pharmacist in Australia. This means she is the only person with this unique set of qualifications giving her the skills to help patients manage their chronic pain with an integrated physical and pharmacological management plan.