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Thank you for taking the time to fill in the following survey. Your answers are designed to help us present the information that is going to be the most useful to physiotherapists, like yourself, in offering their patients the best support and advice when it comes to managing medications.

We are currently running three different courses in the areas of Medication Basics, Women’s Health and Pain Management. Please click the relevant course link below for the most appropriate survey for you.

Please note that the following survey is optional and all answers are de-identified and confidential. If you’d like to discuss the survey, or just wish to have a more general discussion about pain and medication and the way in which we as physiotherapists are involved as part of the healthcare team in medication management of our patients, please send an email to Alex at

Interested to know more?

Our presenter Alexandra Forde, is the only dually registered physiotherapist and pharmacist in Australia. Alex works a physiotherapist and consultant pharmacist at FORDESPHYSIO and The Paddington Pain Clinic, as well as a Clinical Pharmacist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Alex has worked extensively in clinical and educational roles particularly in chronic pain, pain management and working together in allied healthcare teams.

If you have any questions about our courses, this survey or any medications questions in general you can contact Alex on 0411 690 484 or via email

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