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Mat Pilates 

The Mat Pilates class is a floor pilates class that will challenge your body and mind. The class is designed as  generalised strengthening and toning exercise class with a strong focus on targeting common areas of weakness such as the core and glutes. 

This class is good for beginners and experienced Pilates go-ers alike, as each movement can be scaled to suit your individual needs. 

Before starting Equipment Pilates Classes your Pilates Instructor will conduct a full body assessment. During this assessment your Pilates Instructor will gather information about your medical history including any recent or past injuries, your current level of exercise and your goals. 

Your Pilates Instructor will then take you through the basic movements during your initial assessment.  Once you are comfortable with these basic movements you are welcome to join any of our Mat Pilates or Equipment Pilates classes.

As this class focuses on Pilates as a general exercise it is important that you are safe to exercise. If you are currently experiencing an injury the Group Physiotherapy Classes might be more appropriate. If you are unsure which class is most appropriate for you please give us a call and we would be more than happy to talk through your options. 

Mat Pilates class details

Classes run for 50 minutes
Maximum of six people per class

Casual Class $25


To view our Class Timetable click here

Our timetable is always expanding. If you have a time in mind and would like to suggest a class time to suit you please email us at and we will do our best to add your preferred time soon.

At FORDESPHYSIO we have a range of Pilates options to suit every need. Take a look at our Group Physiotherapy and Equipment Pilates Classes below.