Feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Are you feeling tight, tense or stressed? A visit with our remedial massage therapist will help keep you feeling your best. Just like you regular trip to the dentist (or trips to the mechanic to service your car!), regular massage treatments are a wonderful way to keep your body running optimally. A high-quality massage by a trained professional is like a spring clean for your muscles and mind. FORDESPHYSIO offers remedial massage to help relieve your pain, increase mobility and help your damaged muscles recover faster. Whilst we often recommend massage as a great support for recovery, at FORDESPHYSIO we are just as passionate about prevention as we are about treatment! We find many of our clients book regular massages to help prevent injury from occurring, enhance their wellbeing and keep themselves feeling refreshed, calm and deeply relaxed in body and mind.


How Massage Can Benefit You:

- Your body and mind will unwind, de-stress and slip into a feeling of deep relaxation
- Massage is said to support the release of endorphins and reduce levels of stress hormones
- Reduces muscle tension
- Helps speed up injury recovery time
- Reduced irritation in tense, damaged or immobile muscles
- Improve joint mobility
- Improve circulation
- Stimulation of the lymphatic system
- Assist in better sleep
- Boosted immunity
- Tone and nourish the skin

What Can I Expect from my Remedial Massage Session?

At FORDESPHYSIO you can choose from a 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute sessions depending on your specific needs. Within these sessions our remedial massage therapist will work with you to deliver a session that supports you best. Often this involves helping to treat muscular pain and injuries, however the benefits of massage extend to prevention of injuries too. Your remedial massage therapist will determine where muscle knots and areas of unnecessary tension or over activity exist and will then apply a combination of muscle kneading, trigger point release and myofascial release techniques to treat the area of pain and bring you deep relief and relaxation.

Can anyone receive therapeutic massage treatment?

Massage is a therapeutic healing modality recommended for many. However, there are certain conditions that are not suited to remedial massage techniques. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss whether massage is suitable for you.

Private Health Insurance

Remedial massage therapy is eligible for health fund rebates depending on your provider and level of cover. FORDESPHYSIO has a HICAPS terminal which means you can claim on the spot and only pay the gap.

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