Between living and working in Paddington, here at FORDESPHYSIO we’ve been part of the community for almost 15 years. We just love the history and vibe of the Paddington from the boutique shops to the VJs and high ceiling and the friendly wave between locals.  So it is very important to us at FORDESPHYSIO to be involved in our local community and give back where we can. 

In 2018 FORDESPHYSIO donated over 20% of our profits to the members of our local community and non-for profit organisations.

If you have an opportunity for FORDESPHYSIO to become more involved in our local community please get in contact with us at



At FORDESPHYSIO we believe in a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to healthcare. We know we aren't the experts on everything and that sometimes to ensure you get the best outcomes we ask for a little help from our friends. That's why we've created FORDESPHYSIO FRIENDS. It’s a community of professionals who are all working towards a common goal; a healthier and happier you. 

We’ll introduce you to a friend of ours and to help you get to know them a little better we’ve asked them a bunch of questions. Plus they’ll answer some of the most common questions they get from their clients.



Communify is a non-for-profit community service based in Brisbane North. They offer services from childcare to aged care including NDIS and aged care package delivery, mental health and homelessness services. They love working with local businesses to support community members. Their aged care services are located 132 Latrobe Tce Paddington and their head office is Jubilee Tce Bardon, so they are basically neighbours with the team here at FordesPhysio.

Fun Fact: Alex actually spent some time recently assisting them with some in house training for their support workers on manual handling education. The aim of this was to help the team be free from the risk of injuring themselves while working. We're big believers in the idea that being proactive is the answer to injury prevention.

My health philosophy…

Each person is individual and has different needs and abilities. The individual should be in charge of their own health care choices and decisions.

The question you get asked most by your clients…

How do I access services in home?

And the answer…

Give us a call and we will walk you through it. Each service at Communify has differing eligibility criteria so it is best we speak with each client individually.

What makes you wildly happy?

Watching our clients that attend the Paddington Centre (Latrobe Tce) having such a great time and making new friends. Our motto is you are never too old to have fun. We have a range of activities and programs to keep people living independently.

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

I don't think anyone should be lonely.

One thing I wish everyone in the world could know about Communify is:

Community services and aged services are not just for sick/frail/disabled people. Communify has programs designed purely for entertainment and community development, there should be something for everyone in our activities including volunteering opportunities.

For up to date events and activities visit Communify’s website or check them out on Facebook.


Get Real Conscious Impact


Scott Mitchell



Scott has been involved with the Get Real Exercise Health Education Program since the beginning. Like many of us (did you know 1 in every 5 Australians will experience mental illness), Scott has seen first hand the huge impact Mental illness can have on a person’s behavior, cognitive, and social functions. When the opportunity arose to be involved in an organisation such as Get Real which promotes exercise as being an effective treatment, together with other therapies, in helping patients recover from mental illness it was a no-brainer. 

Fun Fact: Scott and Alex are both Pharmacists and first met at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 

My health philosophy

Creating and being part of a vision to improve one’s health and the health of others. Be involved! Get out there!

The question you get asked most by your clients…. 

Will this make me better?

And the answer is... 

YES! Exercise is an effective treatment, together with other therapies, in helping patients recover from mental illness. 

What makes you wildly happy? 

Going to rock concerts!

If you could change something in the world, what would it be? 

Establishing mindfulness as a part of daily routine i.e. Don’t get caught in one moment you cannot get out of.

One thing I wish everyone in the world could know about Get Real Conscious Impact is… 

We create a challenge for our clients and followers to Get real about their mental health. To be  involved, get themselves out there to ensure that exercise is an integral part of possessing a healthy mind.    


Get Real Conscious Impact

If wishing to be a part of the volunteer team please contact Scott at


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FORDESPHYSIO is committed to being environmentally friendly:

We do this by using:

  • Electronic charts and emailed receipts

  • Re-usable new client forms 

  • Chemical free products for treating and cleaning where possible

  • Washable linen instead of paper in our treatment rooms and bathroom

  • Even our toilet paper ( Who Gives A Crap) does its part!