At FORDESPHYSIO we offer a range of classes to suit your individual needs. Every class is run by an experienced instructor who will provide specific technique correction to each individual. All classes can be  tailored to all ages and abilities.


Group Physiotherapy

Group Physiotherapy classes are small group classes run by a Physiotherapist with individually designed programs for each person. They are suitable for people who are currently undergoing treatment or rehabilitation. This class utilises pilates equipment such as the Pilates reformer and Trapeze table as well as a range of other exercise equipment. A full musculoskeletal assessment by one of our physiotherapists is required before participating in these classes. 

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Mat Pilates 

The Mat Pilates classes are a floor based class, programmed as a generalised strengthening and toning exercise class. The Mat Pilates class is ideal for people who want to participate in a few sessions a week. These session are also an excellent compliment to high intensity exercise programs such as running or gym work.