The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a special form of exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the1920’s as a new form of rehabilitation. Pilates has many wonderful benefits and the best thing about it is that it’s suitable for any body, and we mean ‘any body’, to try, do regularly and become addicted to - in fact we actually encourage it! The extensive range of exercises has just about as many modifications as exercises themselves, not to mention what a bit of creatively can do, meaning we can tailer each and every session to suit your individuals needs and goals. 

As an instructor I enjoy seeing the impact these benefits have on clients and hearing the positive feedback they have for Pilates. I regularly hear people say that they really like (some even say love!) the way it leaves them feeling longer, more energised and more in tune with their bodies.


If you haven’t tried Pilates before, it’s likely you have heard it is ALL about the core and developing those long, lean muscles, as this is what it is most recognised and known for. While I would agree there is a strong focus on the engagement of the core muscles, there are so many other benefits of Pilates that perhaps aren’t so widely known. So today we wanted to share with you the lesser known benefits of practising Pilates regularly: 


  • Pilates safely works the body from the inside out, and can be used as a stepping stone to prepare the body for more strenuous training such as running or weights training.

  • Pilates can be used as a form of rehabilitation or pre-habilitation. It can help you recover from or prevent injuries by working on general strengthening and mobility, as well as targeted exercises that help to strengthen any muscular imbalances.

  • Pilates teaches you to become more aware of your body and how it moves, which intern allows for better movement control.

  • Pilates can be a safe exercise for those looking to improve their pelvic floor function

  • Pilates encourages an improved posture and gait (posture while walking!)

  • Pilates can improve your balance and increase the dynamic stability of your joints. Pilates can provide a low-impact, safe environment to improve balance which is especially important for those of us wanting to maintain and build strength of muscles and bone density (this is especially important as we get older!)

  • Pilates is ideal for people who are stressed as it requires you to slow down, focus on how your body is moving and how you are breathing. This can help to create a calmer body and mind.

  • Pilates is a great option for pre and post-natal women. Women can often do Pilates throughout there entire birth journey, as it can be used as a preparation for birth and help with recovery afterwards to restore muscle tone, strength and body awareness.


The research Physiotherapists have done in recent years has helped Pilates evolve from its humble beginning with Joseph Pilates almost 100 years ago and grounded it in science, giving us all a better understanding of the ‘why’ behind the exercises. This research has also helped us create better ways of using Pilates to help you reach your goals no matter what they may be.


Whether you join Pilates for fun and fitness or have more rehabilitative needs, Pilates can provide a range of benefits to each individual who gives it a try, and with Physiotherapists continuing to lead the way in research and the evolution of this amazing exercise, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands.

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